Grand prize in Exynos AI Challenger
Johnny Rhe, Jaehyeon So, Chanwook Hwang, Joohong Park, Un Ki Park
3rd Place in DAC 2024 System Design Contest - GPU Track
Seongmoon Jeong, Johnny Rhe, Sangheum Yeon, Jaehyeon So, Chanwook Hwang, Hyuk Heo
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Most Popular Poster Award in Student Research Forum
Johnny Rhe
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Excellent Design Award of Chip Design Contest (우수설계상)
Yong Soo Kim, Jaehyeon So, Cheng Wencan, Si Yeon Kim, Chanwook Hwang
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Outstanding Paper Award (Encouragement Award)
Kang Eun Jeon
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Best Paper Award (Top Award)
Joohong Park, Johnny Rhe
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Best Researcher Award (for securing the most grant funding in 2020)
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1st Place Winner of the Object Detection Track
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Best Teaching Award
2nd Place Winner of the Object Classification Track
3nd Place Winner of the Audio Recognition Track